Who Are We?

Velocity Made Good is a company that focuses on achieving winning performance in business through developing effective, visionary and inspired leadership.

Many organisations, teams and people plateau during their lifetime for various reasons – it’s the easier, more comfortable option - but this brings with it a stagnancy of attitude, effort, style and performance.

Potentially, plateauing means:

  • relaxed or comfortable attitudes
  • lacklustre performance
  • average behaviours
  • standard activities
  • typical ways of working, products, services or outputs
  • staff and customers who are reasonably satisfied
  • you ending up feeling OK / average about your work

Do you recognise any of these in your people, organisation or team?

Our aim is to develop and inspire in you:

  • A winning attitude or mindset, which leads to →
  • Winning behaviours and actions, which lead to →
  • Winning skills, processes, systems and ways which lead to →
  • Winning results and winning performance, which lead to →
  • Winning lessons, learning and development, which lead to →
  • Winning habits = self-perpetuating

And so you end up feeling proud of what you have achieved and the manner in which you achieved it.

So, a typical journey with Velocity Made Good is:

Complete a diagnostic questionnaire to assess performance levels

Meeting to discuss and analyse the results and performance strengths and weaknesses

Inspirational talk at a meeting, conference or event

Meeting to discuss next steps

Performance Workshop(s)

Meeting to agree a tailored performance programme

Deliver programme to team/department/organisation

Ongoing debrief, review, improve



Vision, Mission, Values, Strategy, Goals

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How to Win in Business

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Leading in Challenging Times

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Performance Solutions

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