Experiential learning through sailing for leadership, sales and business teams. Velocity Made Good offers leaders, managers and teams 1 – 7 day sailing experiences, from the Solent to the Seychelles.

Accompanied with a performance analysis questionnaire to establish team, department or organisational strengths and areas for development.


A Global business with 400 brands and a worldwide turnover of €46.5 billion.

For a small leadership team to develop a deep and honest understanding of each other, breaking down barriers and building trust to enable more efficient and effective working relationships in the tough times ahead.


A three day experiential and active event for a European leadership team, with the ultimate goal of sailing around the Isle of Wight in a 20-hour non-stop challenge.

“The office was really buzzing and the team has made a leap forward in appreciating one another. They have moved to a deeper level of understanding. Some personal respect and appreciation has also been founded. I feel the objectives have been met – on the spot. The good thing about the experiential teambuilding we did was that it is genuine and not artificially induced (like being in a hotel conference room) in the sense that the whole team faced some real challenges, practicalities and had to hit objectives together.”