Performance Workshops

Three-hour high performance leadership and teamwork workshops.

'Ten hours into the race. It's 02:00 and pitch black with a force 8 gale blowing. Team Stelmar are battling with heavy seas and stormy weather; the wind and spray are lashing the crew on deck, the helm struggles to control the boat as it lurches violently from wave to wave. Suddenly a shout of 'Man Overboard' jerks the off watch out of their restless sleep...'

You are the skipper.
How would you prepare for this disaster?

Learn about 'Best for Boat' and 'Control the Controllables'... A three hour interactive workshop comprising the story of Team Stelmar in the round-the-world yacht race using video footage and images, delivered by crew who were on the boat. Facilitated discussions around scenarios that beset the team: what would you do as leader? What is the team thinking, feeling, doing at this stage? Comparisons are drawn between racing around the world and real life business situations as well as powerful top tips to use in the wider business world.

Workshops include:


A national network of CEOs and Company Directors

Various, but broadly covering the bigger picture aspects of organisational development.


Various interactive workshops around the country delivered to groups of Chief Executives and Company Directors. Workshops typically included: context and analogy with yacht racing round-the-world; inspirational stories from the Global Challenge RTW yacht race and how they relate to business; challenging leadership scenarios discussed and debriefed; drawing out the ‘so what’ to take back into the business.

"I have seen quite a few sportsmen/adventurers as business speakers now, but this was amongst the best at making their experiences relevant to the business needs of the members present. The group loved it and gave the session an overall score of 9.5 (four 10’s!) – a great result. Excellent use of video clips, smoothly delivered story and sensible break-out sessions to engage the members."

Academy Chair


A Primary Care Trust (NHS).

To support leaders, surgeons and Primary Care Trust staff to lead, manage and maintain high levels of performance in responding to challenging, critical and crisis situations.

'Reactive Leadership' Workshops

A series of ½ day interactive workshops with an icebreaker exercise, inspirational talk, facilitated table discussions and shared best practice tips and principles for going forward.

"I thought it was a very different way to convey a very strong message. It worked brilliantly."

An Attendee